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Solar Rooftop On Government Building

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Solar Rooftop On Government Building

Smart City Patna would be a solar city, an eco-friendly tourist destination and a hub for health, education and IT industry. The proposal for Rooftop buildings at Patna is based on the feasibility survey carried out at Government buildings and residential complexes

    Solar Power Generation Opportunity in Patna

Patna’s residential buildings make up 86% of the solar potential. This is followed by public and semipublic facilities with 6% of the potential.

Government buildings, industrial buildings and commercial buildings have 3%, 3% and 2% of the total potential, respectively.

Transport sector, which comprises of areas under airports, railway stations, bus depots and bridges, accounts for 1% of the potential

Cost of Project

Total cost of the project including 3 per cent service charge is Rs. 3.10 crore

The Project

Patna Smart City Limited aims to exploit the solar energy sources to improve the power availability in the city. Under the Solar Roof Top project it will cover approximately 60 per cent of 21 locations with solar panels. This would produce 789 KW energy.

 Implementing Agency

PSCL has nominated Bihar Renewable Energy Development Agency (BREDA) for the execution of the work.

Project Location

  • ·         Bankipur Girls High School
  • ·         Bihar School Examination Board
  • ·         Bhartiya Nritya Kala Mandir
  • ·         Biscomaun Bhawan
  • ·         Bihar Rajya Jal Parshad
  • ·         Commissioner Office
  • ·         DM Residence
  • ·         Fire Brigade Office
  • ·         Gandhi Museum
  • ·         Planetarium
  • ·         Sinha Library
  • ·         Patna Museum
  • ·         New Police Line
  • ·         Red Cross, Gandhi Maidan
  • ·         Srikrishna Science Center
  • ·         Youth Hostel, Patna
  • ·         Mahalekhakar Bhawan
  • ·         Bihar Rajya Police Parivahan Mukhyalay