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On Street Parking

On-street parking generally refers to the vehicle parking that is permitted on road sides. Sometimes designated bays are created to accommodate vehicles in the road design itself or sometimes one complete lane is reserved on road sides and vehicle parking spaces painted with standard dimensions.


The Project

The implementing agency hired for execution of smart road project work shall also create on-street parking bays at specified locations as per final design drawings.  


                             The ICT based systems can be implemented at later stage by a separate agency who implements the project, operates and maintains it on revenue sharing business model where the revenue collected from parking charges comes to PSCL and is utilized for other social betterment works.


Cost of Project


Development of On-street Parking at an estimated cost of Rs 40 lakhs from Smart City Funds is one of the projects under category “Gatisheel Patna: Seamless Mobility’’

List of Smart Roads where On Street Parking Is Proposed

On-Street Parking Features:

  •  Driver has to park vehicle at designated slot only, otherwise penalty.
  •  CCTV based surveillance.
  • Actual Parking amount or wrong parking penalty will be charged while exit.
  • Once, the slot is vacated, attendant will update in App.
  •  All parking slots will be earmarked with proper numbering.
  •  Real-time information of number of free parking slots through Mobile App.
  •  App based and Display board based guiding to Parking area.
  •  Parking slot will be allotted by attendant while parking; slot will be blocked in App by attendant.