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Development Of Mandiri Nala

Mandiri Nala is the main-city drainage line connecting the government administrative area and housing to the Ganga River with settlement on both sides of the drain. The drain is Kutcha in construction and carries discharge of Ward nos. 21, 24 , 25, 26 and 27.

Major design intervention

·         Construction of box drain.

·         Two lane road with uniform carriageway over top slab with median.

·         Development of facilities for pedestrians, hawkers in the form of public placemaking.

·         Beautification and Landscaping of the footpath, junctions

·         Provision of Street furniture (Signage’s, Lane marking)

Project Cost and Executing Agency

National Projects Construction Corporation will complete this drain cum road project within the approved budget of Rs 67.10 crore.

Rehabilitation of drain : At present, the condition of drain is deteriorating day by day. The drain is open throughout and created an unhygienic atmosphere throughout. The construction of drain is very old and requires remodeling by construction of box drain.

Elimination of encroachment : With time, the edges of Nala have been encroached and unplanned development of squatters have taken place along the edges. Encroachment in the form of shops also exist along the Nala at some places. For overall development, these encroachments need to be removed.

Dumping of solid wastes:  At present, due to open cross section of the Nala, the Nala has become a dumping ground of solid wastes and the situation is worsening day by day. The implementation of this project shall ensure that this condition is removed as the cross section would be covered throughout.

Connectivity: - The road along the LHS of Nala is not connected to the Danapur-Bankipore road due to termination of road behind the end point. The implementation of this project shall create a link road between Income Tax and Bans Ghat.

Quality of Life: - The implementation of the project shall enhance the aesthetic view of the area due to creation of public place making, pedestrian zones and lead to an enhancement in the quality of life.

Health and Hygiene: - The dumping of solid wastes and development of slums along the Nala leads to serious health and hygiene problem and increases the sickness rate significantly. The implementation of this project shall improve the health and hygiene conditions in the area.    

Details of Indicative Proposals for Mandiri Nala