ICCC Building

Integrated Control and Command Center Building

Under this project a multi storey (G+4) building would be constructed to accommodate the Integrated Control and Command Center components. This building will also have office area for Patna Smart City Limited. The Building has been designed considering aspect of safety and stability using best engineering practices. The Building has been designed on pile foundation after carrying out the Geotechnical investigation on the site.

The table below describes the general layout and area statement for the proposed building.


Floor Components



Ground Parking, UG Tank, Maintenance office, Gen set room, Electrical room, Pump room, Entrance lobby, Reception, waiting area, Toilets.

625 sqm



First Server room, Access control, operation team room, BMS room, Helpdesk, Staging and telecom room, toilets, electrical panel room, store room.

614 sqm



Second Video room, OPS room, Observation desk, Water supply, SCADA and Smart Grid observation rooms, toilets.

629.5 sqm


Third Video Room, Observation Desk, Staging and telecom room, Sewage, STP & CETP observation room, toilets.

629.5 sqm



SPV Office, Office area, Pantry

625 sqm



Lift Machine room, Overhead tank, open terrace   

625 sqm



In addition, the building must have a unique identity toward aesthetic and Architectural look. Since the land Parcel is very precious, this area is to be utilized at its full capacity using the modern and Smart approaches so that it become marvel of state of the art work peace. 


The location of the building is in the SSP-Patna premises, Patna.

Smart building

The ICCC building would function as an intelligent building or "smart building".  The building would be based on smart building management system to ensure effective management and efficiency of ICCC. There would be automatic centralized control of a building's heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and other systems through a building management system or building automation system (BAS). The objectives would be improved occupant comfort, efficient operation of building systems, reduction in energy consumption and operating costs, and improved life cycle of utilities.


Project Cost and Executing Agency

The estimated cost of the project is Rs 13.97 cr. The executing agency of the project is Bhawna Infrabuild Pvt Ltd.