from “elsewhere Patna" to

Positioned on the great Gangetic artery, Patna not only has fertile land but also enjoys the competitive advantage of being the gateway to east and north east India. Add to the USP, this city enjoys 2500 years of rich heritage. But that is it. The capital city of Bihar, Patna offers glimpse of “Real India’’ and is still struggling hard to carve niche in the “New India”.

From pollution to Traffic congestion and garbage hills on roadside to people relieving themselves in public, paradoxes of development can be easily spotted in Patna. Add to this, the lack of opportunities which is forcing people to drain to better places on earth.

Patna Smart City Limited firmly believes that this city deserves a decent, clean and sustainable environment. To restore its glory, we are aiming to improve the quality of life here to such standards that people willingly switch from ‘elsewhere Patna’ to ‘nowhere else Patna.’ The journey has begun and we need you all to be our travel buddy. Will you!.

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