Rejuvenation of Bakarganj Nala

Rejuvenation of Bakarganj Nala

Bakarganj Nala is the Main city drainage line connecting the government administrative area and housing to the Ganga River with settlement on both sides of the drain. The drain is Kutcha in construction and carries discharge of Ward nos. 21, 24, 25, 26 and 27. Due to heavy solid waste deposition and heavy encroachments, the Nala has been fully choked/ closed which have resulted in a very irregular shape of the Nala at some stretches. Moreover, the sewage from households of the area located along the alignment of the drain is also discharged in the nala, due to this unhygienic condition, very bad odor, mosquitos breading and health issues may occur. The alarming situation of the Nala presents a situation for renovation and complete development of Bakarganj Nala and hence this project has been taken up.

This project

This includes development and retrofitting of existing drain Bakarganj Nala. The Kutcha section of the drain shall be converted to pucca section depending on the availability of encroachment free land. The total length of the drain considered is 1.289 kms which needs to be developed. At present, the drain is Kutcha in nature i.e. earthen. A road has been proposed on the top of the covered drain

The major design interventions proposed for development of Bakarganj Nala includes:

·         Construction of box drain.

·         Single lane road (1.42 Km) over top slab connecting Uma cinema and Anta Ghat.

·         Development of facilities for pedestrians and other as per available RoW.

·         The single lane road would be fit for non-motorized vehicle from Uma cinema upto Ashok Rajpath and light motorized vehicle from Ashok Rajpath till Anta Ghat.

Project Cost and The executing Agency

The estimated cost of the project is Rs 15.27. the executing agency for the project is Bhawna Infrabuild Pvt Ltd.