Rejuvination of Veerchand Patel Path

Rejuvination of Veerchand Patel Path


Veerchand Patel Marg is a major arterial road of Patna city located in the ABD area of Patna Smart City. It is 1.25 km. long from Income Tax Circle and R-Block Circle. It is connected by Bailey Road and Dak Bungalow Road on north and Serpentine Road and Harding Road in south. Under Patna Smart City Mission this road will be redeveloped as model road.




Project Design

The design of Veerchand Patel Marg is done in two sections

a.    From Income Tax Circle to Patna Club (Length – 750 meters) and

b.    From Patna Club to R-Block Circle (Length – 500 meters).


A flyover is under construction at R-Block Circle whose one arm extends on the Veerchand Patel Marg up to length of 500 meters from R-block Circle to Patna Club. The designing is done in two parts due to that.

The Makeover

·         Non-motorized Vehicles (NMV) Lane: A dedicated lane for Non-motorized Vehicles like Cycles and Cycle Rickshaws have been provided as there is a need for the same which was derived from the traffic count and surveys.

·         Buffer: Existing trees has been retained and in addition to that, extra landscaping has been proposed to enhance the streetscape and beautification.

·         Footpath:  Existing drain under the footpath has been considered for reconstruction.

·         Service road:  It is meant to be used for accessing properties and parking.

·         Utility Ducts: Space under service road and NMV lane is available for lying of utilities like Gas Line, Electricity Line, OFC cables etc.


·         Planters: Planters are also proposed next to the pedestrian walkway where ever possible to give a visual harmony with street lighting and sidewalk amenities and the building context.


·         Pedestrian Refuge Island: A cut through should be given in the divider (protected by bollards) at pedestrian crossing to facilitate cross movement of pedestrians from one end to another.

·         Boundary Wall Art: It is proposed to paint the boundary walls of certain properties along the Veerchand Patel Marg to enhance the streetscape and aesthetics.


Project Design and Executing Agency

M/s Dayanand Prasad Sinha & Co. has been awarded the work order for the project. Total budget of the project is Rs. 33.43 crore