Integrated Control And Command Center

An integrated and multi-agency platform to bring strong technology experience in the city

Integrated Control And Command Center is a web based solution project oriented to provide the network backbone to the whole city. The center will be an epicenter for all the technology interventions like surveillance camera feeds, solid waste collection data, city utility maps, traffic statistics, parking availability, criminal tracking & crime detection, health and Ambulance services, fire fighting etc.

The project

The key objective of this project is to establish a collaborative framework where input from different smart solutions implemented by PSCL, and other stake holders can be assimilated and analyzed on a single platform; consequently, resulting in aggregated city level information. Further this aggregated city level information can be converted to actionable intelligence, which would be propagated to relevant stakeholders and citizens in coordinated and collaborative manner.

Key Foundation Components

1.    OFC laying and Network Backbone

·         Backbone Fiber Cable

·         Distribution Fiber Cable

·         Access Fiber Cable

·         Aggregation and Field Switch

2.    Data Centre and DR Site

·         Artificial Intelligence

·         Computers

·         Storage

·         Video Wall

·         Contact Center


3.      Integrated Traffic Management System

·         Area Traffic Control System (30 Locations)

·         Vehicle Detection Camera

·         Red Light Violation Detection

·         Speed Detection System

·         Smart Parking Integration


4.    City Surveillance

·         IP Fixed Bullet Cameras

·         Outdoor PTZ Cameras

·         Outdoor Fixed Box Camera+ IR illuminator

·         Outdoor PTZ Camera+ IR illuminator



5.     Citizen Connect

·         Emergency Call Box System

·         Variable Message Sign Board

·         Automated Call Distribution Software

·         Public Address System


6.    Software Solutions

·         ICCC application with forensic

·         Web Portal & Mobile App

·         e-governance application software

·         city portal and mobile application

·         Smart Elements Management System

·         Enterprise GIS

7.    Environmental Monitoring System

Project Benefits

Following are the key outcomes expected to be achieved by the proposed interventions

a)    Improved visualization of ambient or emergency situation in the city and facilitation of data driven decision making

b)    Efficient traffic management

c)    Enhanced safety and security

d)    Better management of utilities and quantification of services

e)    Asset Management

f)     Disaster Management and Emergency Response

g)    Efficiency improvement in public service delivery

h)   Inter-departmental coordination and collaboration for faster execution of services

i)     Implementation and Integration with all existing and future services such as

CCTV Surveillance System, Smart Lighting, Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre, Integrated Command and Control Centre, ICT Enabled Solid Waste Management, Intelligent Traffic Management System, E-Challan System, Public Bike Sharing, Smart Water Supply System, Smart Education, Smart Health Management System, Intelligent Public Transport Management, Smart Pole, Smart Energy Management System.

The vision of the Command and Control (ICCC) is to have an integrated view of all the smart initiatives undertaken by PSCL with the focus to serve as a decision support engine for city administrators in day-to-day operations or during exigency situations. ICCC involves leveraging on the information provided by various departments and providing a comprehensive response mechanism for the day-to-day challenges across the city. ICCC shall be a fully integrated solution that provides seamless traffic