Mega Screen at Gandhi Maidan

Cinema experiences are ever evolving. Silver screen has witnessed a major overhaul in past decades from single theatre to multiplexes to open air theatre, floating cinema, drive-in theatre etc. To catch-up with this rapid transition, viewers preferences and to provide fun, exciting and unique experience of watching movie on giant screen, a Patna Smart City Mission has launched Mega screen at Gandhi Maidan.

One of its kind in the country, this huge screen is inflatable and portable. People can watch films, documentaries, live shows, sports event etc on this screen under the sky.

Important technical details related to this project are as follows:

1.    Mega Screen (Inflatable): This screen is made of PVC material and will be filled with air which is 75 ft x 42 ft in size which weighs 1200 kg. This screen can also be easily seen from a distance of 70 ft to 320 ft.

2.    Speakers: The speakers are to be placed on either side of the screen with the help of trusses at a height of 30 ft.  The sound quality of these speakers is Dolby Digital Surrounding Sound.

3.    Projector: This projector is Full HD type. It will be placed in front of the screen at a distance of 70 feet with the help of trusses. Movie will be shown on the screen with the help of projection.

4.    Control Room: Near Gate No. 4 of Gandhi Maidan, there is a control room-cum-store room made of prefabricated material, whose size is 46 ft x 17 ft x 10 ft, in which the maintenance and operation of all the components is to be controlled.

No physical structure is erected. The screen and sound systems are set-up before the show and removed after the pack-up. Thus, the project does not block the land of Gandhi Maidan which is used for several other purposes such as rallies, fairs, recreation, etc.

Project Cost and Implementing Agency

The total cost of project is Rs 6.98 crores. M/s Graphics Trades Private Limited has completed the project and responsible for maintenance of the equipment and operations.

Event Management Agency

M/s Astitvaa Advertisement Pvt. Ltd. is roped in to provide video content, managing the shows, earning revenue and promotion of mega screen.

Revenue Model

Event management agency will earn revenue by projecting shows on mega screen. As per the agreement with Patna Smart City Limited, the agency will share 40 per cent of the total revenue generated with PSCL in addition to the monthly rent of Rs 20,000.