Solar Rooftop on Government Building

To make Patna a solar city, an eco-friendly tourist destination and a hub for health, education and IT industry, Patna Smart City Mission has successfully installed solar panels on various government building rooftop.

Patna’s residential buildings make up 86% of the solar potential. This is followed by public and semi-public facilities with 6% of the potential. Government buildings, industrial buildings and commercial buildings have 3%, 3% and 2% of the total potential, respectively. Transport sector, which comprises of areas under airports, railway stations, bus depots and bridges, accounts for 1% of the potential.

Implementing Agency

Patna Smart City Limited has executed this project through Bihar Renewable Energy Development Agency (BREDA)

Project Location

The Grid Connected Roof Top Solar Power Plant has been installed at following 20 Government buildings in ABD area.

1. Bankipur Girls High School (10 Kw)

2. Bankipur Girls High School (15 Kw)

3. Bankipur Girls High School (60 Kw)

4. Bankipur Girls High School (40 Kw)

5. Bihar School Examination Board

6. Commissioners Office

7. DM Residence

8. Fire Brigade Office

9. Planetarium

10. Sinha Library

11. New Police Line

12. Red Cross, Gandhi Maidan

13. Youth Hostel, Patna

14. Bihar Rajya Police Parivahan Mukhayalay

15. A.N. Sinha Institute

16. Maurya Lok Complex (C-Block)

17. Hindi Bhawan

18. Aadarsh Police Station

19. Buddha Smriti Park

20. Intermediate Education Council

Project Expenditure: Rs 3.87 Cr

The project has not only reduced the dependence on non-renewable energy but also contributes to the reduction in air pollution significantly.