ABD Project

Project Categories

All Patna Smart City Limited’s Projects are divided into two major categories. These are Area Based Development (retrofitting, redevelopment and greenfield development) and Pan City Initiative.

·         Area-based development will transform existing areas (retrofit and redevelop), including slums, into better planned human settlements, thereby, improving livability of the whole cities. Development of well-planned and fully serviced new areas (greenfield) will be encouraged around cities in order to accommodate the rapidly expanding population in urban areas.

·         Pan-city Initiatives involves Smart Solutions covering larger parts of the city. Application of Smart Solutions will enable cities to use technology to improve infrastructure and services.

Comprehensive development in this way will improve quality of life, create employment and enhance incomes for all, especially the poor and the disadvantaged, leading to inclusive cities.

Patna Smart City Limited’s ABD Area

The present city recreational hub of Gandhi Maidan forms the core of the ABD area in Patna Smart City Plan. ABD area (817.35 acres) is main business hub with star rated hotels, business offices, shopping malls and retail shops with a generation of 20% GDP of the city.

The ABD area is having features of administrative and commercial land use where important government institutional buildings are located. It is linking two major transport nodes viz. Patna railway station and Bankipore Bus depot which are located at the two diagonal corners of the designated ABD zone. Having heritage precinct as Golghar and Patna museum adds to the importance factor of the area.

Patna Smart City Limited’s PAN city Area

The areas under the jurisdiction of Patna Municipal Corporation is considered as PAN city area for the Patna Smart City Limited’s Projects.