Rejuvenation of Veerchand Patel Path

R Block is the area near R block Golambar at the confluence of Beer Chand Patel Marg and Harding Road. Serpentine Road connects Bir Chand Patel Path with S. K. Puri.  R Block mainly is an area made up of government quarters.

Arterial road of Patna city Veer Chand Patel Marg 1.25 km long from Income Tax Circle and R-block circle  is an ideal location for  rebuilding in a Model road.



·         Development of the road for Improving seamless mobility and space distribution.

·         Provision of continuous and walk able footpaths throughout the road.

·         Improvement of junctions along the road.

·         Provision of pedestrian promenade for safety and allotment of parking areas.

·         Improving streetscape ,landscaping & beautification retaining existing trees.

·        Development of NMT infrastructure and installing smart poles and CCTV's for better monitoring.


The proposed plan of the Model Road will ensure the Improvement in the mobility as well as the safety of the travelers.