Infrastructure Development of Schools

For the citizens of a smart city to thrive, we must first place education at its centre. So schools play an important role in moulding a nation's future by facilitating all round development of its future citizens.

School is considered to be the second home for students. They spend a lot of their time daily in school. Hence, it is imperative that they should be able to experience a comfortable and positive environment at all times. Hence, creating a motivating and comfortable atmosphere will strengthen the students’ desire to attend school every day and thus, complete their academic cycle better.

Under Patna Smart City Mission, infrastructure and basic facilities at six government school will be upgraded through following interventions-

•Wall putty with necessary plaster on outer and inner walls of the schools.

•Acrylic exterior paints on the exterior wall and distemper paints on the inner walls.

•Vitrified flooring on the floors.

•The work of repair/renovation of the existing toilets in school.

•Repair/Restoration work of existing electrical wiring, lights, switches, fans etc.

•One classroom to be developed into Smart Class Room under which interactive flat panel (touch screens display), furniture, speaker, study material in soft copy is to be installed.

•Adequate quantity of dustbins, water coolers, first aid boxes, fire extinguishers, educational/informative wall papers, EPDM flooring and signage boards is also going in all classrooms.

•Green Boards for all classroom.

In order to ensure the security in all six schools, adequate numbers of CCTV systems with PAA systems (speakers, mics, etc.) are to be installed. Along with above all equipment’s related to the children’s sports like Carrom Board, Climber, Horse Rider, See-saw are also to be installed.

The following are the list of schools in which the above upgradation work is to be done :-

1.       Primary School, Kathpul, Mandiri.

2.       Primary School, Mandiri.

3.       Girls Middle School, Golghar Park.

4.       Boys Middle School, Taramandal.

5.       J.D. Girls High School, Taramandal.

6.       Girls Middle School, Taramandal.

The implementation of this project is being done by Bihar State Educational Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited. This project will be completed in April, 2022.

The Project aims to change the apprehensive perception of common citizens towards government schools and increase the number of admissions and class attendance. It will enhance children’s lifestyle and moral values. At the same time, such a good environment will be effective in motivating the students to have better memory, language skills and practical skills. The all-round development of the students will boost the state level and national level skill and artistry. The work will increase the awareness of education in families of all sections of the society, as well as help in establishing equality at the social level.