Adalatganj Lake Redevelopment

Patna has been long associated with parks and water bodies as place of recreation and the age old tradition of living with nature has to be revived in the present context.  The basic objective of this project is to develop Adalatganj Lake as a recreational space creating different spaces within the lake area serving the need of local people.

The site lies along an important link road named Amarnath road, connecting Veerchand Patel Marg with Buddha marg. The site has easy accesses through public transport modes such as city bus, auto rickshaw and private vehicles. The overall area of this lake is 11368 having a catchment area of 7834 Sqm with depth of 5mfrom nearest road levels.

Components of the Project

  • Rejuvenation of Pond Area

Under the project the existing lake has been remodelled. An inverted filter technique has been used for preventing suspended materials, litters etc into the sub-soil. The three layer filter has finer materials on the top and coarser materials in the bottom. The bacterial quality of the water recharging ground water table will also be considerably improved by this inverted filter. After considerable time when the upper sand layer gets choked the same can be suitably replaced. The frequency of such replacement will depend upon the quality of surface water.

  • Landscaping

The 7.90 acre land is redeveloped into public plaza. The proposed lake development is broken into smaller zones with land undulation and pathways creating an organic flow of space with efficient lighting. A promenade around the lake with slope stabilization has been made. Also, separate joggers track will be made to boost the fitness of Patnaites and plantation done in campus.

  • Ghat and Temple Plaza

Keeping the extended views of lake intact activity spaces such as ghat and temple plaza attract people and make the area livelier for the residents of Patna.

  • Musical Fountain and laser show

Musical and aeration fountains in the pond not only increase the aesthetic value of the space but also make it one of the hangout space in the City of Patna. Water shows with 3D video projections make an impressive eye catcher.

  • Open Air Theatre

The lake area has an open airtheatre. The amphitheatre facing the pond while the stage is adjacent to the rejuvenated water body. This solves the dual purpose. It not only extends the view of the water body but also provide space for cultural expressions.

  • Boating

Boating is one of the major attractions of the redeveloped lake area. Atleast five pedal boats with capacity of four people each, are available to ferry visitors. To ensure safety of visitors life jackets are also available and guard has been deployed.

  • Food Kiosks and Rest Rooms

Several food kiosks will be there in the park area so that people can munch on while enjoying the quality time under the sky. It will also have adequate facilities for restrooms.

  • Playscape

A special zone in the lake area has been modified as playscape. The design ensures assurance to parents of their child's safety and wellbeing. Seesaw, swings, slide etc are installed to engage and entertain children.

Project Benefits

Lakes and ponds are important elements of green areas in cities that help counteractthe negative consequences of urbanization, by providing important habitats for biodiversity in cities and being essential nodes in the overall landscape-scale habitat network. Adalatganj Lake rejuvenated under Patna Smart City Mission serves various benefits to the city under different aspects such as below:

  • Open Green Space for Dwellers

There is a demand of developed open spaces and parks in the city of Patna. Haphazard development resulted into deterioration of open space and forest area. Patna has only 1% of recreational space in current scenario but there is need of open space in range of 20-30 %. The demand can be achieved by developing these types of unused water bodies into recreational spaces of urban rejuvenation.

  • Water quality protection:

Proper landscaping reduces nitrate leaching from the soil into the water supply and reduces surface water runoff, keeping phosphorus and other pollutants out of our waterways and preventing septic system overload.

  • Improved Air Quality:

Trees in a park reduce on-site heat buildup, decrease runoff and enhance night time cool downs.

  • Revenue Generation

The visit of the public may be taken through ticket system having some amount & can be used in revenue generation as well as its maintenance.


Executing Agency

·         M/s Sai Highway and Builders Pvt Ltd is the executing agency of the overall project.

·         M/s Green Environmental Technology is the executing agency for musical fountain installation and laser show projections.

Project Cost

The Adalatganj Lake Area Rejuvenation Area project has been completed with the expenditure of Rs. 10.62 crore.